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Meet the CCSD Teacher: Ann-Margaret Somers of Mill Creek MS!

Meet the CCSD Teacher: Ann-Margaret Somers of Mill Creek MS!

We’re proud of our CCSD family’s dedicated teachers … and every week, you’ll get to know one of them better through a Q&A posted here. #CCSDfam


Ann-Margaret Somers
Mill Creek Middle School 
Eighth-grade science teacher 

What’s the most innovative idea that you’ve tried in your classroom? 
Implementing Argument Driven Inquiry has been an eye-opening experience.  Giving students the ownership of scientific investigations and permission to be wrong has been such a learning experience for me and my students. 
Who is the best teacher you ever had and what made him or her special?
Miss Rhodes was my eighth-grade science teacher at Chesnee Middle School.  She was the most incredible teacher, and she is the reason I chose teaching as a second career when I left corporate retailing.  Miss  Rhodes was passionate about science, funny and had a heart of gold. 
What can parents do to prepare their children for learning?
Parents can prepare their children by fostering a love of learning.  They can encourage their students to read and spend time reading to them. 
What are the obstacles to getting all kids to achieve?
Building confidence is essential for all students to achieve.  This can be an obstacle for students when working on difficult assignments in the classroom.  I work with my students on having a growth mindset.  I love seeing their confidence grow throughout the year!